Classes (or PT)

Once you’ve cleared your assessments, what’s next? A lifetime of fitness! But how does that happen? Primarily, this happens through a combination of personal training, group classes, and nutrition coaching. Depending on where you are on your journey will determine what the next step is for you and what your plan looks like. Here is […]

Assessmentment is Key

After you go through your intro and have received actionable steps to move towards your goals, it’s time to dive full in 100%, right?! Not so fast. When your goals include exercise, you need to know what your body can and can’t do. Some people can squat super low, others can barely squat a few […]

Getting Started

You have probably seen many items from me that reference booking a No Sweat Intro. If you haven’t booked one or gone through one, you’re probably wondering, “What the heck is a No Sweat Intro?” Today we are going to get deeper into explaining what it is and why you need to book one!

Add This One Thing to See Results Fast

Have you ever wondered what the magic pill to success is in the gym? What are all those super fit people doing or taking to get the results they’re getting?! What about those pro athletes making millions of dollars?! Must be genetics, right? Wrong.

Do you Have What it Takes?

Do you have what it takes to reach your goals? Most people don’t. Most people think they have what it takes. They start the journey eagerly, but at the first sign of struggle, they bail on the goal and the dream all together. “Maybe next year!” They say. But next year becomes the next year, […]

Don’t Go Alone

Three good cyclists will always beat one great cyclist to the top of the hill. Going up that hill alone is harder. The whole way you have the wind in your face pushing you back. You have no rest time. The only thing you can rely on is your legs and they’re starting to burn.

Upgrade Your Sleep

Most people overlook this one. They get up early, work hard all day, and go to sleep late. While that is. Great for your financial wellbeing, it’s not so great for your health. Imagine having all the financial security and independence you could dream of, but not living long enough to enjoy it! That is […]

Upgrade Your Drinks (Hydration)

Few drinks are as bland as water; however, water is vital to life as we know it. Due to the lack of taste in water, many people reach for drinks that are full of sugar and artificial ingredients to satisfy their thirst. Here are some ways to upgrade your beverages.

Upgrade Your Food

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says, “diet”? Most people think of incredibly restrictive diets of protein shakes, and chicken and rice and salad for every meal. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound very appealing to me. At 286 Performance, we don’t believe in going on diets, instead […]

Stop Making Excuses

Life gets crazy, schedules get busy, and things come up. When this happens, we need to make sure we stay true to our goals and our priorities. If we don’t, we may never become the person we want to become as we make excuse after excuse for why we can’t get things done. We need […]