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our founder

Al El Kordi-Hubbard

Growing up, I always played sports and had a particular knack for golf. I turned most of my focus there and competed throughout the junior golf and collegiate ranks. Following my college graduation, I decided to pursue a regular 9-5 desk job instead of following my dreams and pursuing professional golf. That job would lead my heart into another direction, CrossFit.

While working my 9-5, I began doing CrossFit at a local gym. I fell in love with it. Being able to do new workouts I had never done before really opened my eyes up to the idea that the human body is far more capable than we think it is. I fell so in love with CrossFit that I began skipping work to go to the gym! Not long after, I passed the CF-L1 exam and began coaching at my local gym.

One day while I sitting on my desk, I put my headphones on to go to work and threw on Logic’s first studio album, “The Incredible True Story.” It spoke to me in a way that shook me to my core. The message of following your dreams, making your own reality, and being happy, resonated hard with me. Not long after, I handed in my 2 weeks notice, moved back to Virginia, and began coaching CrossFit full time.

While coaching brought me immense joy, I still wasn’t fulfilled and decided that what I was missing, was working for myself, to make the change I wanted in the world, on my own terms. After 6 months of coaching at CrossFit Chantilly, I handed in my resignation and opened up CrossFit 286, now 286 Performance.

This gym is my life’s passion and I am thrilled to get to share it with our local community!

Founder of 286 Performance

our coaches

Tommy Burke

Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from George Mason University
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

There are so many things about coaching, but my favorite aspect of coaching has to be the interaction that I can have with the members in the class.

If I could summarize my sessions in 3 words, it would be, welcoming high energy.

I am currently working on getting a couple certificates then finally going back for my masters. Fitness related, I am aiming on developing my physical performance for mixed martial arts.

I look forward to seeing you at the gym!

PJ Naber

Head Coach
CF1, Precision Nutrition, Active Life

I’ve coached swim for years and started coaching Crossfit in 2020. I’ve always liked being an educator and this had been a long term goal of mine. I love guiding individuals to do their best.

My favorite thing about coaching has to be the “AH-HA” moment in an athlete’s face when they make a break through either in form or strength!

If I could summarize my coaching style in 3 words, it would be, Strength Follows Form (also YES, DRILL SERGEANT).

Currently, I am working on getting my USAW and Crossfit Level 2 within the next year. As well as completing my PMP (Project Management Professional) certification.

I can’t wait to help you!

Allan McCullough

Two Brain Level 1, Active Life Coach

I have been coaching at 286 since 2020. I love the camaraderie of a gym. I used to do Football Strength and Conditioning about 13 years ago and wanted to start engaging those skills again.

My favorite part about coaching is seeing people become more healthy. When your body feels good, so many other things can improve in your life.

3 words to describe my classes are: Casual, Customized, Punctual

I love coaching and know that a coach should always look at how they can get even better, so I am always looking through certifications or learning from the other stellar coaches at 286.

Let’s crush those goals together!

Crissy Santillano


Crissy is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer with over 8+ years of coaching experience in the Fitness Industry. Crissy is on a mission to create the highest performing humans with the mental fortitude to get through life’s obstacles. She believes fitness and strength is necessary for everyone; no matter the age, race or athletic ability.

But there is much more to Crissy’s story than lifting weights and helping others. Crissy is a full-time mom who understands the demands of a busy work-life schedule, which makes her relatable and compassionate toward her clients. When Crissy is not in the gym or working with clients, you can find her playing with her seven-year-old son, Maxx. Together they spend a lot of time outdoors, reading, traveling, and practicing the Martial Arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.

Crissy’s thirst for knowledge and giving her clients the best and up to date practices drives her daily. She is currently working towards her NSCF Strength Coach certification and studying Precision Nutrition.

Dave McGowan


Amanda Miele

Client Success Manager

My job is to make sure that you are seeing all the progress possible by communicating with you and being available to answer any questions you may have! If you have questions about 286 or how to continue seeing amazing results, let me know!

Coach at 286 Performance

Jasmin El Kordi

Jasmin leads the yoga program at CrossFit286. She received her 200 hr Yoga Alliance teacher certification from the Banjaara Yoga School in India. Jasmin has a strong foundation in traditional multi-style yoga, which includes breathing and mediation techniques. Her programs are designed to create healthy bodies for CrossFit athletes and yoga enthusiasts, with a focus on flexibility, mobility and strength.

200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification from Banjaara Yoga School – India